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Level 2 Further Maths


Product Rule for Counting     Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Surds (addition/subtraction)   Video      Practice Questions    Answers

Surds (rationalising denominators)   Video    Practice Questions    Answers


Function Notation     Video      Practice Questions     Answers

Composite Functions     Video      Practice Questions     Answers

Inverse Functions     Video      Practice Questions     Answers

Domains and Ranges     Video    Practice Questions     Answers

Drawing Functions   Video     Practice Questions        Answers

Expanding Brackets     Video   Practice Questions    Answers

Expanding 3 Brackets     Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Expanding Brackets (Pascal’s triangle)   Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Factorisation     Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Factorising Quadratics     Video     Practice Questions    Answers

Algebraic Fractions (add/subtract)    Video    Practice Questions     Answers

Algebraic Fractions (multiply)    Video     Practice Questions      Answers

Algebraic Fractions (divide)    Video     Practice Questions      Answers

Algebraic Fractions (equations)   Video    Practice Questions      Answers

Changing the Subject     Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Factor Theorem     Video      Practice Questions    Answers

Algebraic Long Division     Video      Practice Questions    Answers

Factorising Cubics     Video       Practice Questions    Answers

Solving Cubics     Video     Practice Questions    Answers

Completing the Square (x²)     Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Completing the Square (ax²)    Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Exponential Graphs     Video    Practice Questions   Answers

Sketching Quadratics     Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Solving Quadratics by Factorisation    Video    Practice Questions   Answers

Solving Quadratics (Completing the Square)  Video  Practice Questions   Answers

Solving Quadratics (Quadratic Formula)   Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Simultaneous Equations (both linear)     Video      Practice Questions     Answers

Simultaneous Equations (non-linear)   Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Simultaneous Equations (3 unknowns)   Video    Practice Questions     Answers

Linear Inequalities    Video       Practice Questions     Answers

Quadratic Inequalities   Video      Practice Questions    Answers

Laws of Indices    Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Fractional Indices    Video     Practice Questions     Answers

Negative Indices   Video    Practice Questions     Answers

Equations with indices/roots    Video     Practice Questions    Answers

Algebraic Proof     Video    Practice Questions     Answers

nth Terms     Video    Practice Questions      Answers

Limiting Values    Video    Practice Questions      Answers

Linear Sequences    Video    Practice Questions      Answers

Quadratic Sequences   Video 1   Video 2    Practice Questions    Answers

Coordinates Geometry

Gradient    Video     Practice Questions     Answers

Parallel Lines    Video     Practice Questions     Answers

Perpendicular Lines    Video     Practice Questions    Answers

Distance between two points   Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Midpoint of a Lines    Video      Practice Questions     Answers

Ratio (Lines)    Video    Practice Questions     Answers

Equation of a Line    Video    Practice Questions     Answers

Equation of a Circle (centre is the origin)    Video     Practice Questions     Answers

Equation of a Circle (centre not the origin)   Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Circle Theorems    Video    Practice Questions     Answers

Equation of a Tangent to a Circle     Video     Practice Questions    Answers


Introduction     Video      Practice Questions    Answers

Differentiation      Video         Practice Questions      Answers

Differentiation after Rearranging     Video       Practice Questions    Answers

Gradient of a Curve    Video    Practice Questions      Answers

Equation of a Tangent     Video      Practice Questions    Answers

Equation of a Normal      Video    Practice Questions     Answers

Increasing/Decreasing Function    Video    Practice Questions  Answers

d2y/dx2     Video    Practice Questions      Answers

Stationary Points     Video     Practice Questions     Answers

Application of Differentiation    Video     Practice Questions     Answers

Sketch curve knowing maxima/minima     Video    Practice Questions    Answers


Multiplying Matrices (by a scalar)   Video      Practice Questions    Answers

Multiplying Matrices (2×2 by 2×1)   Video     Practice Questions     Answers

Multiplying Matrices (2×2 by 2×2)   Video     Practice Questions     Answers

Identity Matrix     Video    Practice Questions      Answers

Transforming the Unit Square    Video     Practice Questions    Answers

Matrix Transformations    Video     Practice Questions      Answers


Geometric Proof     Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Sine Rule (sides)     Video      Practice Questions   Answers

Sine Rule (angles)     Video      Practice Questions   Answers

Sine Rule (ambiguous case)   Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Cosine Rule (sides)     Video      Practice Questions    Answers

Cosine Rule (angles)   Video      Practice Questions    Answers

Area of a Triangle    Video      Practice Questions    Answers

3D Pythagoras    Video       Practice Questions      Answers

3D Trigonometry     Video      Practice Questions    Answers

Exact Trig Values    Video     Practice Questions    Answers

Trig Identities    Video      Practice Questions    Answers

Trig Graphs   Video   Practice Questions      Answers

Finding other Trig ratios    Video     Practice Questions    Answer

Solving Trigonometric Equations: Introduction    Video

Solving Trigonometric Equations 1     Video    Practice Questions    Answers

Solving Trigonometric Equations 2     Video    Practice Questions    Answers


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