KS2 SATs Past Papers


KS2 SATs revision by topic

Number and Place Value

N1 Counting in MultiplesCounting in MultiplesAnswers
N2 Read, Write, Order and Compare NumbersRead, Write, Order and Compare NumbersAnswers
N3 Place Value; Roman NumeralsPlace Value; Roman NumeralsAnswers
N4 RoundingRoundingAnswers
N5 Negative NumbersNegative NumbersAnswers
N6 Number ProblemsNumber ProblemsAnswers


C1 Add and Subtract (Mentally)Add and Subtract (Mentally)Answers
C2 Add and Subtract (Written Methods)Add and Subtract (Written Methods)Answers
C3 Estimate and Check AnswersEstimate and Check AnswersAnswers
C4 Add and Subtract to Solve ProblemsAdd and Subtract to Solve ProblemsAnswers
C5 Multiples, Factors, Primes, Squares and CubesMultiples, Factors, Primes, Squares and CubesAnswers
C6 Multiply and Divide (Mentally)Multiply and Divide (Mentally)Answers
C7 Multiply and Divide (Written Methods)Multiply and Divide (Written Methods)Answers
C8 Solve Calculation ProblemsSolve Calculation ProblemsAnswers
C9 Order of OperationsOrder of OperationsAnswers


Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

F1 Writing and Counting FractionsWriting and Counting FractionsAnswers
F2 Equivalent FractionsEquivalent FractionsAnswers
F3 Ordering FractionsOrdering FractionsAnswers
F4 Add and Subtract FractionsAdd and Subtract FractionsAnswers
F5 Multiply and Divide FractionsMultiply and Divide FractionsAnswers
F6 Convert between Fractions and DecimalsConvert between Fractions and DecimalsAnswers
F7 Rounding DecimalsRounding DecimalsAnswers
F8 Ordering DecimalsOrdering DecimalsAnswers
F9 Multiply and Divide DecimalsMultiply and Divide DecimalsAnswers
F10 Fraction and Decimal ProblemsFraction and Decimal ProblemsAnswers
F11 Fractions, Decimals and PercentagesFractions, Decimals and PercentagesAnswers


M1 Comparing MeasuresComparing MeasuresAnswers
M2 Measuring and Reading ScalesMeasuring and Reading ScalesAnswers
M4 TimeComparing MeasuresAnswers
M5 Convert between Metric UnitsConvert between Metric UnitsAnswers
M6 Metric and Imperial UnitsMetric and Imperial UnitsAnswers
M7 Perimeter and AreaPerimeter and AreaAnswers
M8 VolumeVolumeAnswers
M9 Money, Length, Mass and Volume ProblemsMoney, Length, Mass and Volume ProblemsAnswers


Ratio and Proportion

R1 Relative Sizes and SimilarityRelative Sizes and SimilarityAnswers
R2 Using Percentages for ComparisonUsing Percentages for ComparisonAnswers
R3 Scale FactorsScale FactorsAnswers
R4 Unequal Sharing and GroupingUnequal Sharing and GroupingAnswers



A1 Missing Number ProblemsMissing Number ProblemsAnswers
A2 Using Formulae Expressed in WordsUsing Formulae Expressed in WordsAnswers
A3 Generate and Describe Linear SequencesGenerate and Describe Linear SequencesAnswers
A4 Finding Pairs of Numbers to Satisfy Equations with two UnknownsFinding Pairs of Numbers to Satisfy Equations with two UnknownsAnswers
A5 Combinations of Two VariablesCombinations of Two VariablesAnswers


G2 Describe Properties and Classify ShapesDescribe Properties and Classify ShapesAnswers
G3 Drawing and Making ShapesDrawing and Making ShapesAnswers
G4 Angles – Measuring and PropertiesAngles – Measuring and PropertiesAnswers
G5 CirclesCirclesAnswers
P2 Translating and ReflectingTranslating and ReflectingAnswers
P3 Co-ordinatesCo-ordinatesAnswers



S1 Interpret and Represent data  Interpret and Represent data  Answers
S2 Data Problems  Data Problems  Answers
S3 Mean Average  Mean Average  Answers