About Us


is a free website that includes hundreds of pages of math, explained in simple terms, with thousands of examples of worked-out problems, past papers, books, and other resources. Topics cover basic counting through Differential and Integral Calculus! Use He Loves Math to homeschool math, or as a supplement to math courses at school. The website was developed by a group of software engineers and researchers.

Our philosophy on teaching math:

  • You can’t study for math tests without doing problems! A lot of times, we think we know the subject w’r tutoring (by looking at the book), and then when we get in there and start solving problems, we realize that we didn’t know it as well as we thought we did!
  • Learning math should be an active experience and should relate to the world. And always use “simpler numbers” if a problem’s numbers are complicated. For example, paying $4 for 2 oranges makes it more obvious that you need to divide than paying $5.88 for 3 oranges.
  • Learning math requires an understanding of what to “memorize” (for example, the tools), and what to “understand”. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel; it’s already been invented. Don’t worry if you have to memorize something with math without “understanding” it!
  • Learning more advanced math is no more than building on what is already known: if you can add 2+2, and build with math tools, you can be taught to solve a complicated Calculus problem.
  • Math books tend to “brag” and try to explain things with difficult words that sometimes don’t make sense! Math can be explained more easily with every day words.
  • Sometimes there’s just one little concept that isn’t known or understood that makes a whole new math concept difficult. We need to find that and learn it!
  • Math = Rules + Examples + Practice, Practice, Practice!!!
Note: The tools I use to create the graphs and equations are => Graph Tool (free!).