International A-level Chemistry

There are two sets of guides: one for CIE (Cambridge International Assessments) and one for international Edexcel. They have both been written for the new syllabi. They are very different syllabi so make sure you revise the right one!

CIE Chemistry

1 CIE Atoms molecules and stoichiometry

2 CIE Atomic Structure

3 CIE Chemical bonding

4 CIE states of matter

5 CIE chemical energetics

6 CIE Electrochemistry

7 CIE Equilibria

8 CIE Reaction Kinetics

9 CIE Periodicity

10 CIE Group 2

11 CIE halogens

12 CIE Transition metals

13 CIE Nitrogen and Sulfur

14 CIE organic

15 CIE Hydrocarbons

16 CIE Halogenoalkanes

17 CIE Alcohols

18 CIE Aldehydes and Ketones

19 CIE carboxylic acids and derivatives

20 CIE Nitrogen compounds

21 CIE Polymers

22 CIE Analytical techniques

23 CIE organic synthesis

International Edexcel

1 Formulae, Equations and Amount of Substance iedxcel

2. atomic structure and periodic table iedxcel

3. bonding iedxcel

4. Introductory Organic Chemistry and Alkanes iedxcel

5. Alkenes iedxcel

6. energetics iedxcel

7. Intermolecular Forces idexcel

8. redox iedxcel

9. Introduction to Kinetics and Equilibria iedxcel

10 Halogenoalkanes, Alcohols analysis iedxcel

11. reaction kinetics iedxcel

12. Entropy and Energetics iedxcel

13. Chemical Equilibria iedxcel

14. Acid base equilibria iedxcel

15. Carbonyls, Carboxylic Acids and chirality iedxcel

16. Redox equilibria iedxcel

17. transition metals iedxcel

18. organic chemistry arenes iedxcel

19. organic Nitrogen Compounds iedxcel

20. organic chemistry synthesis iedxcel

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